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Say good-bye to the World Wide Wait. Trans-Video.Net's lightning fast service means instantaneous Internet! No waiting for basic web pages to load. No more waiting overnight to download e-mail, large attachments, or browser upgrades. Get what you want from the Internet...Now!

Trans-Video.Net service provides access speeds of up to 5 Mbps over cable with a cable modem. The difference between 56Kbps modem and 5Mbps cable modem is bandwidth. Think of a 56K modem as a 4-lane freeway at rush hour. Its bandwidth is 4-lanes. When it's full, speed is limited to the flow of traffic. Now think of a cable modem as that 4-lane freeway expanded to 40 lanes. Imagine how much faster traffic would flow!

For instance, if you wanted to download a 15MB file with a 56Kbps modem, that would take over 35 minutes. With Trans-Video.Net and a cable modem, the same download takes under a minute!*

Want to test your speed? Go to dslreports.com, go to "Tools" and take the speed test!

*Transfer times may vary based on Internet traffic and target web site capacity. Transfer times noted above are based on optimal download speeds.

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