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This statement outlines the Trans-Video.Net web privacy principles and discloses the privacy practices for the entire Trans-Video.Net website.

This statement outlines the following:

  1. What information Trans-Video.Net gathers about you
  2. What Trans-Video.Net does with the information it gathers
  3. With whom Trans-Video.Net shares the information it gathers
  4. The Trans-Video.Net policy on electronic mailings
  5. The Trans-Video.Net policy on correcting personally identifiable information

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to Trans-Video.Net (feedback@trans-video.net).

Privacy Policy

Trans-Video.Net will never willfully disclose individually identifiable information about you to any third party without first receiving your individual permission.

Information Gathered

  1. Information about your modem.
  2. Your computer's name.
  3. Your email address.
  4. Your IP address.

Information about your modem. This information includes your modem's MAC address, connection status (off-line, booting, on-line), lease, signal status, and IP address. This information is not made public.

  • The MAC (Media Access Control) address is required to authorize you as a Trans-Video.Net customer.
  • The connection status tells our servers whether your modem is operational.
  • The lease tells our servers when to re-assign you an IP address; a lease expires so that an unused address can be reassigned to others when not used by you.
  • The signal status is used to assure data quality and troubleshoot connection problems.
  • We assign your IP (Internet Protocol) address.

Your computer's name. If you have provided one, your computer announces its name when your modem establishes a connection between your computer and our servers. This identification is not made public.

Your email address. Occasionally we will send you general email to provide information about new services and features from Trans-Video.Net. It is our policy to send you email only for customer information and billing, in response to your correspondence, or if you provide information to us via a web-based form. This information is not made public, except by you to your email correspondents.

Your IP address. Your IP address is actually assigned by Trans-Video.Net as your unique identification on the Internet. It is required for data to pass back and forth between your computer and the outside world, and provided when, for example, you click a link. Because this IP address identifies your computer as unique, and because your computer is on-line whenever it is running, we advise that you get firewall protection if your computer contains sensitive information.

Trans-Video.Net has no registration requiring any contact information from you.


Trans-Video.Net does not use a feature of your web browser called a cookie to assign a unique identification to you.

Links to Other Sites

This privacy statement applies only to the Trans-Video.Net website, made up of files in the Trans-Video.Net.com domain.

We provide links to the content of Trans-Video.Net to searchers and to other websites. While we will not share any of the information you provide on Trans-Video.Net to our off-site links, we are not responsible for the privacy of information you may give them.

Other organizations or individuals who are provided links on the Trans-Video.Net site may collect information about you when you click links to visit their sites. Trans-Video.Net does not control this collection of information. You should contact these sites directly if you have any questions about their use of this information.


Our site does not give you an on-site opportunity to opt out of receiving general communications from Trans-Video.Net. Because Trans-Video.Net is your Internet Service Provider (ISP), we must occasionally send notification to you on both general and specific matters. Your email address is neither sold nor shared with other businesses.


You may correct or update your personally identifiable information (email address) by contacting Trans-Video.Net at feedback@trans-video.net.

This website is created and maintained by MaltedMedia. Please contact bathory@maltedmedia.com if you have questions about the site's functionality.

Revised January 12, 2001

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