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Popup Ad Help

Popups are those annoying windows that pop up (and under) your browser constantly while you are viewing web sites. It is important to understand that they are produced by the web sites you are visiting, not Trans-Video. Web sites employ popups to sell their own products or their advertisers products. While they are most likely not going to go away any time soon, you can keep them from ruining your web experience.
Some free products that block pop-ups are listed below. Use these products at your own risk...Trans-Video will not be held responsible for problems occurring from downloading and installing these programs. Something to keep in mind...if you are having problems viewing certain aspects of a website (video) or if clicking on a hyperlink to an external site does nothing, then your popup-blocker is blocking these things from happening and you will need to disable or configure it.
Please make sure to read the developers instructions!
Yoconsoft's Popup Remover

Panic Ware's Popup Stopper

AnalogX's POW