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Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

With its vast educational resources, the Internet can be an invaluable learning tool for children. However, without proper supervision, your child's natural curiosity could get them into trouble.

Trans-Video.Net is committed to keeping your children safe while online. We endorse the "Internet Safety Pledge", put together by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, which is available for both teens and younger children. These can be printed out, signed by both kids and parents and posted near the computer so everyone keeps them in mind while online.

In addition, Trans-Video.Net has partnered with Net Nanny, a provider of award-winning filtering software developed to help families protect children from unwanted material on the Internet.

Net Nanny filtering software for your PC protects children from the dangers of the Internet.

  • Limit access to inappropriate material
  • Prevent the threat of "cyber strangers"
  • Deny the misuse of personal information

Net Nanny performs all of the above and more! With the capability to monitor the Internet, standard email, chat programs, newsgroups and offline applications in a fully customizable, user friendly environment, Net Nanny gives the parent or administrator complete control over what is being accessed on your PC. Start protecting your children today.

Click here to order!

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