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Minimum System Requirements

Minimum requirements only mean the system will function. However, computers with only 32MB RAM and slower than 166MHz cannot take advantage of the high speed of data arriving from the cable modem. If there's a wait when downloading web pages during which your disk drive is "churning" (clicking with the light on), then consider updating your computer.

Intel Based PC Macintosh
Processor Pentium 100Mhz (166Mhz recommended) 68030 - 66Mhz (PowerPC or later, 166Mhz recommended)
Operating System Windows 98 or later System 7.6.1 or later
RAM 32MB (64MB recommended) 32MB (64MB recommended)
Hard Disk Space 100MB (150MB recommended) 100MB (150MB recommended)
Networking One available PCI slot (or IRQ for older ISA systems), or USB port (Win98 and later) Open NUBUS or PCI Slot - Open transport, or USB port

Specific Modem Requirements
  External Modems/Interfaces
Cable Modem DOCSIS-Compliant (Surfboard 3100/4100, Com21)
USB Interface (network card not required) Requires Win98 or later USB support
Internal Slot (for network card) Available PCI/ISA Slot for Network Card
Network Interface Card 10BaseT - Ethernet compliant to IEEE-802.3
Desktop/Laptop/Mac 10BaseT - Ethernet compliant to IEEE-802.3

Operating Systems Supported

Intel Based Macintosh
Operating Systems Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista MacOS

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