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Effective December 15, 2000

This Agreement is between the Customer (referred to as "I" or "me" or "my") on the one hand, and Trans-Video.Net and Trans-Video Cable Television, Inc. (together referred to as "you" or "your") on the other hand. It is part of the Agreement to obtain Trans-Video.Net Service ("Service") which I will accept as part of ordering and using the Service.

  1. In agreeing to have the Service installed, I understand that your employee or contractor will provide installation services, including the hardware and software described below. I understand that I am solely responsible for providing, configuring and maintaining all equipment on my premises except as otherwise expressly stated below. I understand that compatibility of my existing hardware and software can be a major issue in the installation and provision of the Service and that, as a result, it may not be possible to install or provide the Service. Current minimum hardware requirements:

    • Intel based PC -- Windows 98, 128 MB of RAM, 100MB of free hard disk storage (150MB recommended), one available IRQ
    • Macintosh based PC -- 68030/66Mhz (Power PC 166Mhz recommended), Mac O/S 7.6.1 or greater, 32MB RAM (64MB recommended), 100MB free hard disk storage (150MB recommended), Open NUBUS or PCI slot-Open Transport

    I understand that if I do not meet these requirements I am not entitled to receive customer support relating to issues other than the quality of signal delivered to the cable modem.

  2. I agree to hold you harmless, to not hold you liable for and to indemnify you, your employees and contractors and agents from any and all claims for direct or indirect damage to me or another party, including for attorney's fees, due to this installation visit and my receiving the Service.

  3. I understand you will provide me with a single copy of the software necessary to receive the Service, together with necessary user guides and other documentation, usage of which is subject to the Licensing Agreement enclosed with the software, if any.

  4. I understand you will also install 1) any necessary connection from my existing cable outlet up to my primary computer, 2) a cable modem and related software and 3) a connection from my computer to my phone line, if necessary for this Service. Any additional equipment or work necessary to ensure that my computer or other equipment or software is capable of receiving the Service, such as an Ethernet card or a computer virus scan, diagnosis or repair, is my responsibility. I may choose to hire someone with whom you also have a contractual relationship; but, if I do so, the responsibility for that activity is between that person and I; and I will not hold you responsible in any way for that work. I understand that Trans-Video.Net makes no representations or warranties with regard to that person or the work.

  5. I authorize you to enter my premises to install any necessary equipment and Service.

  6. I will not remove or relocate the equipment, either within my premises or to another location, without your consent. If I move locations you will automatically terminate this Agreement and I may have to initiate the Service at another location.

  7. I understand that the full text of the current Trans-Video.Net Service Agreement is available on-line at http://www.trans-video.net/customeragreement.html and that you may change it as indicated therein. I understand I can cancel my service upon 24 hours notice by sending an e-mail message to billing@trans-video.net; if I do so, I will be subject to a cancellation charge.

  8. I understand that there is a risk of damage to my computer. I certify that I have backed-up my computer and its programs and files and that programs or files which have not been backed-up have no real value.

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