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Before you call:
For connection issues, check our troubleshooting guide.

For email issues, check our email configuration guide.

Sales and Support: 802-485-3811

Email Support@Trans-Video.Net

Technical Support Hours and Services

We offer technical support 8am to 8pm seven days a week, with extended support hours for emergencies.

You should print out this page and enter all the specifics provided to you by your Trans-Video cable modem installer. This will be helpful in the event you need to contact Trans-Video.Net Technical Support.

  • User ID/Email Address:
  • Password:
  • Operating System*:
  • IP Address**:
  • MAC ID***:

*See list of supported computer configurations
** Windows 95/98/ME users go to Start -> Run, type "winipcfg", hit OK to find IP Address
** Windows 2000/XP users go to Start -> Run, type "cmd", hit OK, type "ipconfig" at DOS prompt
** Linux users type "ifconfig" at command line
***MAC ID is printed on the back of your cable modem

Due to the many configurations of computers, the abundance of user-installed software and hardware, and the frequency of computer viruses, technical support is provided for connectivity issues only. In other words, we make sure:

  • That the modem provided by us is working
  • That the network card and cable provided by us are working
  • That your Trans-Video.Net email accounts are functional and secure
  • That, when they become available, your web pages are on line
  • That our servers allow you to connect to the Internet

Trans-Video.Net wants to do everything we can to keep you on line, but our help is limited to what is under our care and control. Details are found in our Terms of Service. We can recommend qualified technicians to help you with other problems, such as software configuration issues, crashed or 'broken' operating systems, computer viruses, firewalls, etc.

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