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Cable Modems

How does a cable modem work?

A cable modem acts as an interface between the Internet and your computer, enabling it to communicate with other computers on the Internet.

Where can I buy a cable modem?

You can purchase cable modems through Trans-Video.Net for $59.95 for a Motorola 5101, $99.95 for a Motorola Wireless Modem SBG900 and $139.95 for a Motorola SBG940 Wireless Modem Router.

Can I install a cable modem myself?

No. We require that a certified installer install and configure each cable modem for optimum performance.

Will a cable modem replace my current modem?

While connected to the Trans-Video.Net, you will be using a cable modem and not your phone modem. However, you may want to keep your phone modem in the event you move to an area that doesn't provide cable Internet access.

Will the cable modem affect my cable television channels?

No. There is no interference between cable television signals and Internet data in a coaxial cable. The two signals travel at different frequencies and therefore do not interfere with each other.

I have my own cable modem. Why doesn't it work?

You must sign up as a Trans-Video.Net customer and Trans-Video.Net must know that your modem exists. We need the MAC address found on the modem itself, which you can provide to us when you sign up for Trans-Video.Net cable modem service.

My modem was working. It stopped working. All its modem lights are on. What Happened?

Check out our troubleshooting guide for help.

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