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This statement outlines the Trans-Video.Net web accessibility principles for the entire Trans-Video.Net website.

This statement outlines the following:

  1. How Trans-Video.Net creates its web pages
  2. What guidelines Trans-Video.Net uses for accessibility
  3. How to comment to Trans-Video.Net on accessibility issues

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to Trans-Video.Net (feedback@trans-video.net).

Accessibility Policy

Trans-Video.Net makes every attempt to create accessible web pages. Accessibility includes handicapped access as well as access for all Web devices, such as palmtops. These features include:

  • Descriptive text links for all images other than decorative icons.
  • Descriptive inline link names.
  • Clear navigation and screen presentation.
  • Limitation of scripts to non-essential design features.
  • No use of frames, image maps, automatic redirects, page popups, reverse text, embedded sounds, highly patterned backgrounds, or other techniques that may create access barriers.

How Trans-Video.Net Pages are Created

All Trans-Video.Net web pages are presently created by hand, without WYSIWYG editors or automated tools. We do not use a database. As such, our pages are first validated and then combed for accessibility issues before posting.

Guidelines Trans-Video.Net Follows

Trans-Video.Net pages are created to adhere to the first level of the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium, and to follow the guidelines of OrbitAccess Accessibility Consultants.

We test our site for accessibility using standard evaluation tools, including the WAI checklist, Bobby, Lynx, IBM Home Page Reader, and a Palm V.


You are invited to comment on our accessibility and to suggest improvements. You may comment to Trans-Video.Net at feedback@trans-video.net.

Contacting the Web Site

If you have any questions about this accessibility statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this website, you can email Trans-Video.Net at feedback@trans-video.net.

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